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The Good, Bad and Bacterial


Unfortunately it’s a sad truth….those makeup products do expire. That perfect foundation or favorite eyeliner has a death date. I am sorry for your loss, try not to shed a tear on that expensive mascara and DO NOT PANIC!! Let’s talk about the Why and How long…

Makeup, like all products are made with items that have a shelf life. Unopened items can stay for a couple of years as long as they are in room temperature. Some cream products can be stored in the fridge to help keep it fresh but once the air starts touching the product some ingredients will oxidize. Everything that touches your body, makeup or skin care, can transfer germs. The growth of mold and yeast can be caused by heat and humidity so try to store your makeup in a cool place or room temperature. If at any time you see an irritations or infection toss that item!!

HOW LONG??????
I found this great info list for how long to keep each product. Just to make sure I am on track I write the purchase date on the bottom of my containers/bottles/





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