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2016 or 1980s?

Your eyes are not deceiving you. Pastels are back and going strong! Pantone chose two colors for 2016: rose quartz (pink) and serenity (blue).

If you have a deep passion for the 80s, mix the colors together, have fun and play with some different looks! Try a blue eye shadow and pink lip, pink eyeliner and soft blue lip or blue eyeliner and pink cheek. The combinations are endless!

If those combinations scare you and you are worried you may look like Mimi from The Drew Carey Show, go subtle. Simply adding a pop of color to your every day makeup can make a difference and be trendy. Try a blue eyeliner for a dramatic eye or light pink for a soft lip.

Spring and summer will be the perfect time to incorporate the rose quartz cheek and lip. Mix that with bronzer for a glow and voila, you have a sun kissed look! Now go give it a try and play with some color. Don’t worry it, all washes off!

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