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But First, Coffee {LA Edition}

Los Angeles is a busy city with a lot of people, crazy traffic and endless hustle. But the small beauties of the city make it all worthwhile. It is so important to find your inner sanctuary.

For me, my personal sanctuary is coffee shops. I prefer locally owned, quaint shops with cute decor where I can sit silently, admire life’s art and enjoy my tea.

Whenever I move to a new city or even while traveling, I always find a cute shabby chic coffee shop. When I moved to LA, it was no different. My search for a spot began and what I found was just delightful!

Photo Nov 05, 7 23 25 PM (1)

Romancing the Bean: Magnolia Blvd, Burbank.

Vibe: Stylish but comfortable setting with quaint charm

Favorite Drink: White Coconut Cream – White Tea

[photo credit:]

Photo Feb 22, 8 39 26 AM



Alfred {Coffee + Kitchen}: Melrose Ave, West Hollywood

Vibe: Hipster yet whimsical ambiance

Favorite Drink: Cold Brew with Almond Milk

[photo credit:]


Photo Feb 22, 8 38 30 AM

The French Gardens Café: Main St, Santa Monica

Vibe: Front is deceiving, very small but the back is a huge outdoor patio! Very boho!

Favorite Drink: Chia





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