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The Wipe Off

Makeup is difficult to remove. You don’t want to dry out the skin or pull on the eyelid. Some products have scents that are too strong and some products just don’t work. I have spent many years going between makeup remover wipes, oil based remover and foam remover.

Personally, I stay away from oil base because it’s not the best on my skin. One drop and I wake up with a pimple. The winged liner never seems to wash away as easily as they show on commercials when I use foam wash. I end up with mascara running down my face like the Joker’s twin. Sticking to good ole wipes works for me.

There are so many different makeup remover wipes on the market. Every skin care line has “the best new thing.” I made it my mission to get to the clean slate and do a wipe off! As suggested by makeup artist friends and popular trends, I took three different kinds to the test.


The Pretty Smell



Ole Henriksen Nuture Me Cleansing Cloth has an amazing smell. I would buy it for the smell alone.

Clean side: No parabens, sulfates or phthalates. Removes waterproof products and works great for sensitive skin.
Dirty side: If scents bother you, this grape scent might be too much. Also, I had to put in a little work to get some eyeliners off.


Is It Magic?  

makeup eraser

Makeup Eraser! One cloth with dual purposes aka saving money. It’s like the mop for your face.

Clean side: No scent, great for sensitive skin, dual sided with wipe off and exfoliator, washable, removes waterproof makeup.
Dirty side: Prewashing the rag. I had to put in a little pressure to make it work. It does leave some small residue behind like glitter flecks.


Little Blue Package



Neutrogena Cleansing Towelettes! Kind of like the face wash commercial, but less water on the floor.

Clean side: Easy to use, cleaned off waterproof makeup, smooth on face, doesn’t leave my face oily, no residue left
Dirty side: Fragrance, a little drying. Not the best for sensitive skin and made my surface redness more irritated.





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