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Running… the Death of Me or My Body Fat?


I feel exhausted just saying the word. My friends and I are not fans of running. It is tough to start and requires time and patience for the body to adjust and to see results. I can buy the cutest running outfit possible and still find every excuse in the book not to run.

Then it happens.

You bump into that adorable friend whose clothes fit perfect and skin is glowing. You say, “You look great! What have you been doing?” Here it comes. The dreaded words. You know exactly what she is going to say. “I’ve been running,” she says. You suck in your stomach and smile.

At that moment I know that my laziness had gotten the best of me. I can be THAT girl jogging in slow motion down the street with my pony tail swinging like an 80’s movie.

But how on earth do you get started?

First, I did a lot of research on how to avoid injuries and take it slow. I laced up my new shoes (because every new adventure deserves a new pair of shoes) and hit the treadmill. I used the C210K app on my phone because I needed a guide personally. I also signed up for a 10K as a goal. I followed seven easy steps and I now can run a few minutes without stopping. Slowly but surely I am becoming that 80’s girl.

7 Simple Steps to Start Running:
1. Invest in comfortable shoes and a sports bra
2. Start slow – walk at a steady pace until you reach the point of having to jog
3. Run at least three times a week
4. Set a personal goal
5. Drink a glass of water before starting
6. Focus on your breathing
7. Listen to your body

XO Jessica


2 Responses to “Running… the Death of Me or My Body Fat?”

    • Jessica

      I would say start slow, very slow. I started at a fast walk to the point I was almost jogging but not yet. I think you really have to want to do it. I wanted to be a runner, I wanted to have that freedom.



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