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DIY: Canvas Wall Quote

Large blank wall space drives me crazy. It’s like an empty palette just waiting for me to play with. I love gallery walls, but they can be expensive. I took to Pinterest (my knight in shining armor) and decided to tackle a DIY project.

Items Needed:
Blank Canvas
Acrylic Paints (two colors)
Stick on Lettering 
2″ Paint Brush
Flat Paint Brush

1. Paint the canvas with a solid acrylic paint using a 2″ paint brush.
2. Place your quote on the canvas using the sticker lettering.
3. Press firmly onto the canvas to make sure the lettering is on tight with no air gaps.
4. Paint over the canvas including the letters with the second acrylic color using a 2″ paint brush. You may have to do more than one coat.
5. Let it dry over night or for a few hours.

6. Slowly and carefully peel off the letters. You may need to use tweezers for this.
7. Use the flat paint brush and touch up the quote as needed.
8. Let dry.

Finished look



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