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Bath Salts, the good kind

Bath salts– no, not the kind that turn you into a zombie, but the kind that help reenergize the body. We all have days that seem longer than others, when we need to unwind and rejuvenate. Our bodies endure stress and weather. They carry the weight of the day and need healing.

What are the benefits of bath salts? A couple of scoops in a warm bath a few nights per week can relax the body, relieve muscle camps, eliminate toxins in the body, make insulin more effective, and prevent blood clots.

But that’s not all… Do I sound like the guy from “Price is Right”? Well, step on down! You can use Epsom salt for beauty care as well. Mix a handful with some coconut oil and use it as an exfoliator for the body and face. Break up blackheads by mixing with 3 cups of iodine and apply to infected area. It also removes foot odor and can be used as a hairspray and as a hand wash.

Now you try and tell us which one worked best for you!
Happy salting.



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