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Cleanser √ Exfoliator √ Toner √ Moisturizer √ Face mask???

Face masks are just as important as exfoliating the skin, they just aren’t talked about as much. Don’t worry if you aren’t using or haven’t used one yet. Sometimes they can get a bit confusing on what kind to get, what outcome are you looking for, and what are the real benefits of using a mask. I have heard clients say, “it makes me oily” or “I break out afterwards.” Well these aren’t bad things. Your skin needs to produce moisture and the breakouts, as much as we hate them, are the body’s way of shoving the impurities to the surface and out of the body. Don’t panic, embrace what is happening. So are facemasks good for everyone and every skin type? Absolutely!


Benefits to using a face mask:
* Unclog Pores                                  * Deep cleaning
* Relaxation                                       * Tighten and tones
* Detoxifying                                     * Moisturizes
* Deep Cleaning                               * Replenishes nutrients
* Increases circulation                   * Collagen boosting


What are the types and which is right for you?
Clay Mask – draws oil and dirt to the surface. Really good for oily and congested skin, especially T-zone acne and problem areas.

Cream or Gel Mask– hydrates and nourishes the skin. Ideal for dry, dehydrated skin.
* I use a cream mask after traveling. The airplane causes my skin to become dehydrated rather quickly.

Collagen Mask– boost the amount of collagen to the skins surface.

Peel-Off Mask– creates a tightening effect, really good for mature skin.

Setting Mask- this mask hardens into a rubbery form and peels off (usually performed by estheticians). Very cool and refreshing, great for red or inflamed skin.

Why are they good for you? Well, lots of them include more natural products like clay, mud, aloe vera, seaweed, essential oils, herbs and vitamins. However, if you have sensitive skin do a small patch test before applying the product to your face.



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