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Dry Shampoo, just for you!

Dry shampoo is the saving grace to late mornings and to freshen up after the gym! A few spritzes and off you go, bouncing onto another day. Although being a lifesaver is wonderful, it can be used in so many different ways and tailored for your hair type.

VOLUME: A few spirts on the scalp while a little fluffing and you have some OOMPH! Dry shampoos can create some major volume, especially around the crown area. Oils in the hair will weigh the hair down, but dry shampoo can bring it back to life.

OILY SCALP: Dry shampoo can actually really help your scalp. Everyday washing isn’t good for the hair, but dry shampoo can extend that time and eliminate an oily look.

HUMIDITY: Major humidity can turn that gorgeously fluffy hair flat and lifeless. Small sprays at root with a little finger tousle can bring the bounce back into your mane and your step.

So which kind is best for you? Here are my top six dry shampoos and why I love them.


A. Dove– Not only does this dry shampoo have a sweet powdery scent but the volume it creates is massively amazing.
B. Aveeno– Sulfate free, need I say more? Perfect product for color-treated hair.
C. Bumble & Bumble– A lot of dry shampoos leave an ashy color on darker hair color but this product comes in colors. Brown, black, and even white!

FullSizeRender (2)


D.  Klorane– Sulfate and Paraben-free, adds texture and volume. The oils in this dry shampoo can extend blowouts without leaving an ashy residue.
E. Redken Pillow Proof– Thin mist is perfect for fine hair.
F. Batiste Original– Volume is amazing and the lemon scent is refreshing!




2 Responses to “Dry Shampoo, just for you!”

  1. cj8888

    In a pinch, fluffing a little bit of talcum powder through your hair also works… Even with dark hair. You can just brush it out.



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