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DIY Dresser to Cabinet!

Furniture shopping isn’t my favorite, especially when you are renting. Spending lots of money for a place that won’t be your forever home makes no sense to me. Plus I find it more fun and personal to just refurbish used/older furniture.

I found this old dresser that needed some work, but could become the cabinet I was looking for to be my pop of color for the living room. So how did I go from this….


To this…

Products needed:
1. Sand paper                    2. Cloths (2)                        3. Metal brackets
4. Legs (4)                            5. Screwdriver                   6. Paint brush
7. Primer                              8. Paint                                 9. Top coat
10. Replacement hardware

Step by Step:

  1. Remove all drawers, doors, shelves and hardware.
  2. Sand the original paint down until the shine is gone.
  3. Wipe down entire dresser with a wet cloth, then go back over it with the dry cloth.
  4. Measure out the location for the metal brackets and legs.
  5. Attach metal brackets.
  6. Screw legs into metal bracket.
  7. Prime furniture and give it adequate time to dry.
  8. Paint furniture desired color. You may have to give it a second coat.
  9. Allow to dry over night.
  10. Apply top coat to seal and add a shine to furniture. This top coat will prevent scratches and stains on the paint.
  11. Attach doors, shelves and new hardware.



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