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Eyeshadow Brushes, Just 3 please!

How many brushes do you really need? That is the question I hear a lot. Being a makeup artist I have a slew of brushes and yes, I use them all. Picking out which ones are right ofr you can be over whelming, especially when you are trying to pick a set. Sets of 3, 5, or 7 are the common packages, but to do a basic everyday makeup application you just need three brushes. A flat shadow brush, tapered blending brush and stiff dome brush.


What are they for? That’s simple:

A. The Flat Shadow Brush: applying a base color. Use a medium tone color and apply the shadow from eyelash line to eyelid crease.

B. Tapered Blending Brush: Use a very light amount of a darker color and apply it with light strokes in a tiny swirling motion on the eyelid crease from corner to middle. Go very light back and forth and blend in an upward direction

C. Stiff Dome Brush: Using a lighter color than the base, usually a more shimmery color, apply from inner corner of the eye blending lightly to the middle of the eyelid.

BAM! Three simple brushes to create an everyday look!



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