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Hair-do How-to: Half-top knot, half down

I am always searching for new hairstyles, something to change and vamp up my look. As much as it reminds me of the 80’s styles I used to wear, I am really liking the half-top knot, half down look. It’s easy to do and doesn’t take much time. It works for just about all hair lengths and it looks like you put a lot of effort into doing your hair. All pluses for my busy world!

Bobby pins
Hair tie
Texture spray or dry shampoo
Finishing spray
Teasing brush
Curling iron (1/2 inch barrel)

How to:
1.  Section off top half of hair, start at the temple going straight back towards the back of the head.
2. Spray texture spray or dry shampoo into the sectioned hair. Use your fingers and get into the base. This will add volume and texture to the hair.
3. Take sectioned hair and place into ponytail. The location of the pony tail is up to your liking. Wrap hair into a bun, secure with a bobby pin.
4. To achieve more of the shape you want, use some bobby pins to secure it.
5. Add beachy waves to the remaining hair using a curling iron. Tousle the hair with your fingers for a more loose and carefree look. Apply finishing spray for a complete look.

Look Inspiration:



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