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Spring/Summer Staple Items

Shopping for clothes can be one heck of an experience. No size is the same store-to-store, styles change weekly and prices can be a bit expensive. I didn’t know where to start with out breaking the bank. I had heard about “staple” items from a few friends, but let’s be realistic– every season is different.  So I decided to categorize them spring/summer and fall/winter. At least then I know I have some cross over pieces.

After lots of hours in a mall, which is not my favorite thing (I am pretty sure the florescent lights and price tags started to make me feel dizzy), I have come up with staple items I feel will get me through the spring/summer season. The key is to stick with more solid colors like black, green, blues, tans and white. You can always bring in trendy colors with scarves, jewelry and purses. Pick stores that have quality items, as in they won’t fall apart in the wash, and aren’t too pricey. I stuck to stores like Gap, Target, H & M and Ann Taylor.

Photo May 31, 11 39 34 AM
(T-Shirt:Gap, Shorts: J Crew, Shoes: Steve Madden, Jacket: Gap )
(Hat: Target , Tank: Gap, Sandals:Old Navy , Jeans: Target)

Happy Shopping Ladies!



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