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“Natural” has become a key term in our beauty and health industry, from organic fruits to sunscreen. We have become so much more aware of what goes on and in our bodies, as well as the long term effects of the chemical products we have been using. The resolution is to switch over to a more chemical free product but that isn’t the easiest thing. Switching over our moisturizer or shampoo isn’t that scary, but deodorant is another thing…  The fear of body odor and sweating like the Amazon under our pits can outweigh the knowledge of what is really happening, at least for me it did.

After I did a little research I came up with too many reasons, scary reasons, on why I needed to switch over. According to research, aluminum-containing deodorant is linked to breast cancer and Alzheimer’s. How is it linked? Researchers found that most breast cancer develops in the upper outer part of the breast- the area closest to the armpit. Some even suggest the aluminum compounds absorption may change the estrogen receptors of breast cells. Aluminum at high levels has also been found in the brains of people with Alzheimer’s disease. So what does the aluminum do? Well, aluminum salts go into the cells that line the sweat duct, causing it to swell and squeeze the duct close- hence “anti-perspirant”. However, it’s very healthy to sweat, our body needs to push out the toxins and not contain them.


What to expect when changing over:
1. Shaving your armpits more: keep in mind the longer the hair the more the odor and bacteria.
2. Watch what you wear: this isn’t going to be a forever thing but while your body is transitioning just keep in mind what is happening sweat-wise. Wear fewer layers or just tank tops. There will be more perspiring and moisture.
3. Watch what you eat: sweat is your pore waste. Good foods in, good foods out. Chemical products in, chemical products out.
4. A small smell: This will definitely not last forever but your body has to shove out the aluminum that has been sitting in our pores for years.

I have played around and tried four different types of deodorant to find one that I like the best. Here are my reviews on the four different products:


Tom’s Original

Pro: Roll up stick like other deodorants, easy to apply. Has no parabens, no phenoxyethanol, aluminum free, no artificial ingredients.
Con: Doesn’t last as long.



Pro: Comes in great scent options, smooth on skin. Has no parabens, no aluminum and allergy tested.
Con: Product dries up quickly in packaging and has a strong scent.



Pro: Stops perspiring and smell. Made with natural mineral salts, free of perfumes and chemicals.
Con: Have to add water to activate, feels a bit sticky at first.


Milk & Honey

Pro: Cream deodorant, smells like coconut when you sweat, lasts in high temps. Made with organic products and no aluminum.
Con: Little sweating, apply with fingers.




4 Responses to “Deodorant switch off…”

  1. Liz Phillips

    Thanks for the suggestion! I ordered Milk & Hone: Coconut and Vanilla Scent. The application process took some time to get used to at first. It has a somewhat gritty texture, but once it is smoothed on under your arm you don’t notice it is there at all. The scent is light and not overpowering. I have noticed that it doesn’t make any markings or stains on my clothing like my previous deodorant. I was very skeptical about it actually working. The true test was the second week of use when I was enduring the summer heat in TN while traveling. I was shocked at how well it worked and I didn’t feel stinky at all! Surprisingly, I don’t feel the need to reapply throughout the day as I would with my previous deodorant. I think I am a believer in natural deodorant now and will start making the switch with other beauty products too. Thanks for the advice and I look forward to hearing about more of your favorite beauty products.

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    • Jessica

      Thanks trying it Liz! I am so glad it worked for you. It does take a bit to get use to but now you are aluminum free!!


  2. Connie

    In May of this year, I switched to Milk & Honey. I was concerned that it would not do a good job during the hot summer months. To my surprise it has done well. As you pointed out Jessica, you might sweat a tad but I found this to be very slight and only when it is very humid. Of course the scent is lovely and lasts forever.

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