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Back to school shopping–for adults!

Why should the kids get to have all the fun???! How about sprucing up your desk at home or the office to create a more inviting work space? I love a good desk accessory and about half of my picks are pieces that I already own!
I literally spent about 2 months looking for the perfect stapler & tape dispenser. That may seem insane to you, but I really value good design and I’ve come to the point in life where I’d rather wait for something I really love than just buying ugly, disposable crap.
So! The beautiful and beautifully priced acrylic desk set– ta-daaaa! Both pieces have a nice weight to them too. Not cheap looking or feeling.
L+Hclear tape_stapler
After researching for this post, I went out and bought this letter holder. So useful for those random little papers that can clutter up your desk.
L+H paper holder
This is just cute. If you’re gonna make mistakes, might as well have a cute eraser to fix them!
L+H eraser
I love these binders! They are so fun and more chic than the generic plastic ones. They look really great on your bookshelf too.
L+H binder
Can you tell I like see-through designs? The acrylic collection comes in neon colors too! Try mixing clear with colors!
L+H paper tray
Personally, I use an old pickle jar for my writing utensils, but if I had my shit together just a tiny bit more, I’d get this gilded pencil cup.
L+H pencil cup
Surround yourself with lovely yet useful things to make your workspace just a little more pleasurable.



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