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Going to Great Lengths: Finding Your Perfect Mascara

To me, mascara is a makeup must-have. Makeup free I can do, mascara free and I just look like I have no lashes. The blackest black, full volume, and lengthening are my requirements. Of course, none of us want flaking or that dreaded black mascara run where we end up looking like a crack head on Sunset. Over the years I feel like I have tried every kind possible, from Maybelline to Dior. I have collected a few of my favorites!

Fun fact about mascara: it was originally developed by two different men on different sides of the Atlantic in the 19th century. Eugene Rimmel and T.L. Willimas, who made it for his sister Maybel (later becoming Maybelline). The original ingredients were petroleum jelly and coal. I don’t know about you but I have never been more thankful for the updates on development. Can you just imagine that goopy mess?!

So what are my favorites? I have trouble picking just one… Some days I use a few different ones, depending on the look I am going for or if it needs to be waterproof. I do not use waterproof everyday as I personally feel like it breaks my lashes off. So here are my favorite ones:

Smashbox Full Exposure: GREAT Volume! Large bristle brush really gets the volume and color in there. No flaking, easy to wash off!
Cost: $22.00

It Cosmetics Tightline: Perfect for getting right along the lash line. I can use the small bristles and get along the lash line to the point of making it look like eyeliner. It can really add the illusion of fullness to your lashes.
Cost: $24.00
Maybelline the Colossal Volume (waterproof): Volume, VOLume, VOLUME!! This is one of my favorites. Waterproof really does hold up, no black mascara running down my face.
Cost: $5. 29

L’Oreal Voluminous False Fiber Lashes: Lots of length!! The fibers are amazing at adding serious extension and there is no fall out.
Cost: $8.99
What mascara is your favorite?


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