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Body Lotion vs Body Cream

Do you ever find yourself standing in the lotion aisle not sure which to pick: lotion or cream? What does it all mean? Which is right for you? Well, I will tell you and explain why.

Both lotion and cream moisturize the skin, or lock in the water on the most outer layer of the skin, which is why its suggested you moisturize right after showering. You want to lock in the moisture from the shower and protect/stop the skin from losing water quickly. The purpose of both products is to obtain a softer, more hydrated skin.

So what is the difference? Water base or Oil base. Oil based moisturizers are an emulsion mix of water into oil. While water based moisturizers are emulsion of oil into water. What does that mean for you? If you have normal to combination skin type, it’s recommended you use a lotion. Lotion is thinner, lighter and less oily, hence why it comes from a squeeze bottle or pump. The purpose of this product is to hydrate the skin and lock in moisture. If you have dry skin, it’s recommended you use a cream. Cream moisturizers are thicker and have higher viscosity of water and oil mixture, which is why they come in a jar. Creams hydrate dry skin but they also add an extra protection.  Which type of moisturizer you use is really dependent on your skin type.


However, because its water vs oil it is highly recommended you use lotion in the summer or warmer climates where the water is extremely needed to hydrate your skin. While in the winter or colder climates it’s recommended to use a cream moisturizer to keep the skin extra-hydrated and protected.



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