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My hiking must haves?

A few times a week I have the pleasure of going hiking or serious walking at Runyon Canyon or Griffith Observatory here in LA. Over the past few years, I have learned by mistakes and adjusted what I pack to take with me. Numerous times my sunscreen has reached its time limit or my hands were full of stuff when I should have been using them for balance. A few friends of mine pack a small bag, which is a great idea! I don’t like to carry too much with me so some stuff I bring but leave in the car for afterwards.

What I bring:
1. Water bottle and cross body carrier so I can be hands free.
2. Fit Belt which holds: phone (fully charged), car key, pepper spray and small sunscreen.
3. Tennis shoes with good traction- I make sure I have a good pair that can be wiped off. Some of the trails are very dirty.
4. Lightweight jacket or sweatshirt- I usually go early morning before the sun gets too hot. Certain shaded areas or heights are a bit colder than other. Usually by the time I head back down the trail the sun has hit and it’s really warm.
5. Sandals- after the trails I like to switch to my sandals and put my shoes in a plastic bag. Mainly because I like sandals but also the shoes are dirty and you don’t know what you stepped on. Better to keep them in a bag and clean them at home then track whatever into your car. My fear is spider eggs and now I have baby spiders in my car. See… now you are thinking about it, makes sense huh?
6.Towel- I always bring a small towel to just dust off or wipe the sweat and dirt off my body and face.


Any suggestions on other things I should bring with me?



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