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Coffee Talk!

Coffee is the boost to my life! I can’t tell you enough how obsessed I am with coffee and coffee shops. Something about the right coffee shop can put me in the mood to buckle down on a good post or read a motivating book. The trick is finding the right drink. If you are there like me for a couple of hours or maybe even a quick in-out you want something that will make a strong impact on those taste buds. Something that makes you say “that’s it, that’s what I needed.”

The debate is still out on whether caffeine  may or may not be good for you  and that is another subject. I am committed to it to the fullest! Here are my favorite coffee shop drinks with a bit of a small change, something to give that taste bud an extra WOW!

  1. Chai Latte (Iced or Hot): sprinkle a little cinnamon, chocolate drizzle or vanilla bean syrup.
  2.  Green Tea Latte (Hot): add a small dose of honey or vanilla syrup.
  3.  Earl Grey Tea (Hot): top off with a thin slice of an orange and a cinnamon stick.
  4.  Caramel Macchiato (Iced): substitute coconut milk.


Don’t those sound just delicious? Yummm…


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