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How to Figure Out Your Skin Tone & Undertone

Mass confusion always happens when it comes to undertone or skin tone. I’ve been asked numerous times how to tell the difference. Knowing your undertone is what determines what foundation you should purchase, which is very important. Don’t be the girl walking around with the orange face or chin line… I repeat: PLEASE don’t be that girl.

Undertone is the color that comes through from underneath the surface of your skin. No matter what “skin tone” you are (light, medium, or dark), all skin tones have an undertone that are cool, neutral, or warm. What does that mean? Let me explain it this way:
* Cool has a tint of pink, red, or blush
* Neutral has no tint of pink or gold, instead the skin’s natural color is shown
* Warm has a tint of peach, gold, or yellow

Still aren’t sure how to figure out your undertone? Do the vein test. If your veins are blue or purple it’s a cool undertone, green veins are a sign of a warm undertone. If you can’t determine the color it’s more than likely you have a neutral undertone.  To determine your undertone look at your inner arm near the wrist. The top of your arm is effected by the sun so check an area that rarely sees the sun and is less altered in color.

Skin tone is determined by the amount of melanin or pigment in your skin, it is not your skin color. Basic skin tone categories are very light, light, light medium, medium, medium dark, dark and very dark.



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