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Packing Tips! Are you ready?

As a chronic over-packer, I’ve gotta say there’s something really pleasing about traveling light. The key here is PLANNING.

Break down your trip– Where are you going? What’s the weather going to be? What activities will you be doing? Will you be going anywhere that requires formal or modest clothing? (This is especially pertinent to women visiting cathedrals and mosques: short shorts and bare shoulders are usually a no-no, even in summer.)
Next step– Start laying your favorite go-tos out on the bed. Don’t bring that one shirt that you never wear but think you might wear on the trip, because lemme tell ya- you won’t.
See which pieces you can mix and match to make enough outfits for the duration without feeling grimy. I tend to stick to neutrals in general, but definitely for travel packing. Dark denim, black denim/pants, a dress if needed (jersey doesn’t wrinkle!), enough tops for the week, layering pieces (even if it’s going to be warm, your flight will most likely be cold!), and obviously whatever outerwear is appropriate for the season. Adding a light foldable raincoat to your carry-on is always a good idea.
Don’t forget that your shoes should work double duty too and should work with every outfit. Make sure they’re cute, but also comfortable! There’s nothing like bad blisters to ruin a good trip!
Side note: I am all about comfy travel pants for the airplane, but NOT PAJAMAS!!! Get some cute joggers to keep you stylish and comfy.
Once you’ve played everything out, it’s time to EDIT. Resist the urge to overpack! Believe me, I know how hard that is. But if you don’t stuff your bag too full, you’ll have space to bring home cool finds from your trip!
So, once the editing process is done, time to put it in your suitcase. I’m all about the rolling method. It really does save space and helps minimize wrinkling. Try checking out some vids on YouTube to get your technique down.
Some things I like:
THIS SUITCASE!!! The style is fabulous and the interior is PINK!
I love Uniqlo for travel essentials. They have Pocketable Parkas for rain and Ultralight Down Jackets for cold that pack down into a tiny little pouch which is brilliant for a carry-on.
Stuff your socks in your shoes to save space and keep your shoes from collapsing (especially leather). I’m pretty manic about cleanliness, so I put my shoes in bags before packing. These individual shoe bags would make it easy to tuck a pair in the corners of your suitcase.
MUJI makes great soft zip cases you can use to organize your suitcase. I like the small one for my underwear!
Tuck a tiny travel umbrella in your bag too!
Bon voyage!



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