Guest Writers….

10639575_10152775331430929_3102025809053161485_nCHELSEA HILLMAN 

Chelsea is a beauty and mommy guru. Her education from MakeUp Designory as well as years of experience in the beauty and film industry make her a master of the craft. Receiving training by the top skin care companies has led Chelsea to be passionate about the human body and well-being, internally and externally. Chelsea believes there is nothing more rewarding in life than making people look beautiful and feel better.  In her spare time you can find Chelsea taking in the early crisp air with a yoga session or relaxing with green tea at a local tea shop.



LovesSunrise, exhilarating hiking, lavender oil, meditation, date nights with wine on the beach, a great stylish hat, peaceful morning playlist, the smell of puppies, smushy baby feet and morning smuggles with Ziggy (dog, think White Fang).
Must haves: Mascara, argon oil, bronzer, all natural bar soap, highlighter and warm tea.



Abby is a licensed massage therapist with additional certifications in deep tissue, neuro-muscular, shiatsu, reflexology, prenatal massage, aromatherapy, and holistic nutrition. She believes that given the tools, we can shift our bodies and minds from a place of chaos to a place of grace (or at least the sweet spot in between). With practice we can learn to ease headache tension, low back pain, neck and shoulder inflammation, dry skin, sinus issues, nausea, the list goes on and on. Abby is excited to share with us all the things she loves from superfood smoothie recipes to at home recipes for body care to easing tension with products you can find around the house





My Loves: Family, Sunny beach days, reading about health, bike rides in the fall, lemon anything, cozy fires in the fireplace, taking in the beauty of life
Must haves: Love, coconut oil, peppermint anything, therapeutic baths, chocolate!