all the beauties of life…

Lipstick & Heels



What do you get when you combine a professional makeup artist, healthy mama, fashion guru and publicist? Lipstick & Heels. We are a team of four women who each have a unique skill set and passion to inspire the world. As a whole, we have a common desire to love who we are, be the best version of ourselves and share our knowledge with others.



Lipstick & Heels is for the women next door, the career-driven women, the artist, the mother, our grandmothers, sisters, cousins and friends. We are for all women who want to know more about the beauties of life, how to master the look, stay current with trends, learn more about babies and get in touch with who they are. Think of us as the friend who is learning with you, supporting you and encouraging you. We are Lipstick & Heels. The world is tough. We have challenges and obstacles, but we have confidence. Throw on those favorite heels and pucker up with a good lipstick because you are beautiful and can do anything you set your mind to. We will be there with you!